The EtherCards Platform

The EtherCards platform is a set of tools for artists and marketplaces to make their NFTs more engaging and vaued. It will enable them to set up raffles, bingos and other NFT-based single-player and competitive games.

Users can play games to win NFTs or other valuable prizes.

They can participate in raffles, gather collectables through blind bag purchases and use those to complete bingos and other puzzles.


An artist can set up a raffle to sell their NFT tokens.

They can eiter mint a new NFT on or use an NFT minted by existing recognized providers, such as Mintbase, Opensea or Nifty Gateways.

The creator of the raffle can simply set the parameters, for example the number of tickets to be sold and the ticket price.

Once all the tickets are sold or the time is up, the EtherCards platform will use a verified random number provided by our partner ChainLink VRF and select a winner.

Once the winner is selected they will be given access to the NFT’s download, and the previous owner will be able to withdraw the funds paid for all the tickets.

EtherCards will not take a cut, it simply will request a setup fee (currently 0.1 ETH). Everything ellse goes to the creator of the raffle.


An artist can set up a bingo, using a collection of their own artwork.

Just look at the sample game below:

The objective of this game is to collect all the cats that are in the original artwork. In the example below the user has 7 cat NFT cards, as it is displayed on the top. When the user opens a specific bingo game, the system will automatically look for NFTs that match the game’s description.

And as we can see in the art below, the same 7 cats are highlighted on the original artwork. Once the missing 9 cat NFTs are acquired, the puzzle is completed, and the winner can withdraw the prize.

In the same transaction, the winner wil LOSE the 16 cat NFTs, so they can’t be used again.

This is the simplest form of the game, but there is a plethora of variations that can be played and designed building upon the same set of simple rules.

Blind Bags

You might be wondering… where do users get the cats or other collectibles?

Well, if the artist uses EtherCards to define a collection, then they can specift the maximum issuance numbers and rarity for every single NFTs in the collection.

Once this is done, the system will offer the opportunity to automatically generate blind bags. Blind bags are sealed packs of cards, and the possibility of any cards appearing in them is set by the artists’s rules.

The buyer can acquire multiple types of bags: some are cheaper, but come with a reduce chance of containing rare cards compared to the more expensive range. The proceedings from the sales of bags will entirely go to the creator, once the setup fee has been detracted.


EtherCard’s smart contracts are written with an eye on integration with other providers. EtherCards’ long term plan will actively seek native support from NFT marketplaces like OpenSea or Nifty.

Users then should be able to create raffles, bingos and other games on each of those major platforms.

The Future

Raffles and Bingos are just the beginning of the exciting revolution Ether.Cards wants to bring to the sector. We have another half a dozen creative games in the queue waiting to be released and we will keep improving and innovating to bring more and more interactions and engagement with the wider NFT ecosystem.

Watch this space!