The EtherCard Tokens

The technology backing EtherCards tokens allows projects to use NFTs both as membership cards and as authentication tokens. EtherCards-enabled NFTs can also hold keys to application features, manage subscriptions and collect royalties (yield farming-style).

EtherCards are not only rare digital collectibles but they also carry real, practical utility and value.

The EtherCard Tokens can be integrated with several decentralised services. They can:

  • Serve as a membership card
  • Grant access to features
  • Give you priviledges and priority access
  • Provide access to community aidrops
  • Collect royalties for you

Now or Never

In order to make the launch memorable, we will release some EtherCards with features that will NEVER EVER will be made available after this first, special occasion.

This is it, This time, you’re early! Just like cryptocurrency pioneers, you’re standing at the gates of the NFTs revolution.

In order to celebrate the beginning of a new era and of our network, we will make our launch rewarding for all participants. We will be releasing some EtherCards with features that will never, ever be available to the wider public.

Among other things, some of the EtherCards will provide:

  • Up to 1% royalty on the fees paid to the Ether.Cards contract. This token will be a one-off, so don’t miss out.
  • Significant multi-use, perpetual discounts. You won’t see these again.
  • Fee waivers for some or all EtherCards services, basically a free-pass-for-life scenario. Yep, you guessed it. These are also one-off.

To make distribution of these unique priviledges fair, we will be employing Chainlink’s VRF to randomly assign the features to your card at the point of sale. While you won’t be able to handpick the features this time, you will have a chance to increase your odds. And trust us, it’s worth it.

You will be able to purchase a card specifically from the 90-piece OG collection (Original Gangster, cards with a 2-digit serial) or from a Random pack (3-digit serial). The Random packs will contain cards from either the Alpha or Beta collections, from a pool of 9000 for each series.

Let’s take a close look at features.


One and only one of the 10,000 cards will have a very special trait – the Royalty. This very lucky card will keep getting 1% or the EtherCards smart contracts’ revenue as royalty. The complete breakdown will be:

  • 1 card will receive 1%
  • 10 cards will receive 0.1% each
  • 100 cards will receive 0.01% each

The above does not include the ether received for the sale of the first 10 thousand cards. For those, we created another trait:

  • 1 card will receive 1% of the ethers received for the 10,000 cards
  • 10 cards each will receive 0.1% of the ethers received
  • 100 cards each will receive 0.01% of the revenue

So in short, 3% of the incoming funds of the Ether.Cards contract will be continuously rewired to the 111 trait holders. And another 3% of the incoming funds for the EtherCards feature tokens will be given away as a royalty to another lucky 111 token holders, again just for one time only.

Free Services

If you are a creator or artist, you will be able to get extra value out of your EtherCard through traits that give you free services on the platform. It could be the ability to create a raffle without paying the setup fee, creating a bingo or any other similar structure. You might even get a trait that gives you a freeaccess to all and any services, including future ones.


Gamers and collectors will also enjoy benefits: your EtherCard might have traits that give you 5, 15 or 25% discount on all items in the store. This means both servies such as setting up raffles or buying blind bags and other goodies.

Note: these perpetual discount tokens are not going to be made anymore. Like many other traits, they can only be acquired during this initial issuance.

Extra Tickets

For raffles, odds are increased by holding more tickets. One of the traits which your card might offer is the right to obtain up to three extra tickets for each raffle you participate to.

Get Lucky

Another trait that will favour the brave. This trait will enhance your odds of finding rare and high quality cards in any blind bag you purchase.

Traits that matter

In short, the first 10,000 EtherCard that will be minted starting on the 4th of March will have features that will never be issued again. Among other thigs:

  • Up to 1% royalty!
  • Discount on purchases on and partners
  • Free services
  • Free cards for bingos
  • Free tickets for raffles
  • Many more: Click here for the full list of traits

Many of the traits will be assigned randomly, but not all. Committing early will have huge benefits.

They might grant you power to create raffles, set up bounties, bingos and other NFT-related games and mint NFTs.

You just have to keep the token in your wallet that is connected to the EtherCards platform, and you will automatically be granted access to features, fees will be waived, discounts will be discounted, drops will be dropped, gifts will be gifted and royalties will be collected, all according to the traits of your EtherCard.

It really works like magic.

Size matters

The shorter the serial number on your EtherCard, the better features you will enjoy.

The Founder Cards

These are the cards with 1-digit serial numbers, from 0 to 9. They don’t actually have any special abilities, other than rarity and sentimental value. These won’t be available to the wider public.

The OG Cards

These are the next best way to get involved with Ether.Cards apart from, well… founding it! For people who come early, there will be 90 special cards, marked by the serial numbers 10 to 99. These carry 3x the chance of getting rare and unique traits, so they bring a considerably high value in terms of the benefits owners are likely to receive.

The Alpha Cards

The Alpha cards have 3-digit serial numbers. There will be 900 in circulation, from 100 to 999. They provide 1.5x the chance of getting rare traits.

The Beta Cards

The Betas make up the rest of the series. They are the 4-digit cards, from 1000 to 9999. They can still provide ANY of the traits, but are less likely to do so than Alpha or OG Cards.

Some of the traits will be issued, but only revealed after the sale is over, to avoid influecing the value of the remaining cards.
Any of the 10k cards could be the most valuable one, but you can help your luck by selecting OG cards.

A Platform For Experimentation

EtherCards is the first public application of the FeatureTokens system, which is a complete system that allows non-financial projects to sustain themselves. The above traits are just a sliver of the possibilities within reach once this technology is fully developed.

We will release the FeatureTokens system as open source, so other projects can organize their own fundraising.